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Baccarat | Getting Started

Following the passage of the 2019 West Virginia Lottering Interactive Act, online gambling is legal in West Virginia. Multiple casinos offer online baccarat to residents. Gamers will need to meet the state's requirements in other to sign up and play a game. Other casino games such as poker, baccarat, and slots can also be played online.

Baccarat is an exciting game that tests your luck. Loved by gamblers worldwide, it's also one of the easiest casino games to play.

Who Regulates Online Gambling in West Virginia?

The West Virginia Lottery Commission is the body that regulates online gambling in the state. In 2019, lawmakers in the Mountain State passed a bill that allows physical casinos in the state to provide online games.

Why Choose to Play Online Baccarat in West Virginia?

Playing Online Baccarat is Convenient

With the help of technology, you no longer have to visit casinos to play a game of baccarat. You can do so from the comfort of your home. All you need is a computer and a good internet connection. You can even use your mobile phone.

Play for Free

Playing online baccarat is good for you if you’ve never played the game before because it offers a free mode. This helps you practice and master the game before you start playing for real money.

Play Live Dealer Games

If you don’t want to visit a physical casino but prefer the experience of interacting with live players, then playing live dealer baccarat is a great option for you. You get to chat with the dealer and other players. It gives you a similar experience to playing in a physical casino.

No Table Etiquettes

Table games like baccarat have unspoken etiquettes on behavior and manner of play that will leave you feeling embarrassed if you don't abide by them. Online games, however, do not.

Better Bonuses

Online casinos offer enticing bonuses like deposit bonuses. All you need to do is meet the terms and conditions.

Where Can I Play Online Baccarat in West Virginia

A West Virginia Lottery Commission license is necessary for every reputable online casino in West Virginia. Licensed casinos are subjected to thorough background checks by the Commission. As of 2022, West Virginia has over a dozen legally operating online casinos offering online Baccarat. They include

1. BetMGM casino

One of the biggest gaming and hotel companies in the US, MGM Resorts International, operates the BetMGM online gambling platform. Using the desktop website or the mobile app, gamers can easily browse the online casino platform.

By participating in online casino games, you can accumulate MGM Reward points that can be redeemed for online bonuses, meals, beverages, and hotel upgrades at MGM facilities.

2. FanDuel casino

FanDuel began in 2009 as a provider of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), but it has since grown to include an online casino, an online sportsbook, and a platform for betting on horse races. 2018 saw the acquisition of FanDuel by Entain, a well-known gambling company worldwide. Fanduel offers One of the biggest welcome bonuses available at West Virginia online casinos, guaranteeing you have a great start when you sign up.

3. DraftKings casino

This casino is regarded as one of the top gambling platforms due to its simple deposit and withdrawal processes and easy game navigation. Also, it has a large selection of games, including different variants of baccarat. DraftKings Casino's mobile app is its standout feature

4. Caesars casino

You can play a modest selection of thrilling casino games at Caesars Casino in West Virginia. The operator's small library includes some of the best games ever produced by the leading global casino software provider, NetEnt. Baccarat, slots, blackjack, and roulette are examples of such games.

5. BetRivers casino

When it comes to game selection and software, the BetRivers Casino app outperforms rival West Virginia gaming websites. Its selection of games is still very substantial, even though it doesn't offer as many as some other West Virginia casinos.

Among its advantages is that it is the only online casino in the Mountain state with free bingo games that grant casino bonuses and community chat

6. Golden Nugget Casino

Thanks to an agreement with the Greenbrier, Golden Nugget arrived in West Virginia in 2021. This casino offers a wide variety of table games, including all the traditional favorites like baccarat, three-card poker, let it ride, and casino Holden.

7. PointsBet casino

PointsBet online casino offers a small selection of games, including Baccarat. It is a safe and secure platform for gambling, and its a user-friendly interface.

Does Baccarat Pay Real Money in West Virginia?

The same way you could at a physical casino, you can win real money playing baccarat online in West Virginia. Your chances of winning remain the same, and any actual money you do manage to win will still be yours. Just make sure you're familiar with the cash withdrawal policies of your online casino.

Here are some ways you can win money playing baccarat online:

Playing Live Dealer Baccarat

For gamers who like the feel of a live dealer running the game but don't want the stress of sitting at a table, playing live dealer baccarat is a terrific option. Today, many physical casinos use streaming technology to their enormous benefit to give their online players a distinctive and comfortable experience.

The nicest aspect about playing live dealer baccarat is that it's simple to start. To play online baccarat, all you have to do is register or log in to your preferred site, deposit some money, and then select an online table that best suits your level of expertise. As soon as you begin playing, a dealer will deal cards to each in a manner identical to how games are dealt with in physical casinos.

Playing Machine Dealer Baccarat

Online machine dealer baccarat is very similar to live dealer baccarat, except that the cards are dealt by a computer program that generates random cards. You can play machine dealer baccarat alone by automating the other players, or you play with other players.

This online baccarat variant is ideal if a player desires total control over the game's speed. Additionally, it eliminates the possibility of losing your live stream and becoming unaware of game developments.

Playing Mobile Baccarat

Though not as popular as the live dealer and machine dealer versions, it is still a fantastic option for those who love to play the game on the go.

What is the Best Online Baccarat Casino in West Virginia?

The choice of the best baccarat casino solely depends on the player’s preference. Different factors come into play here, such as bonuses, payment options, security, terms, and conditions. For instance, if a player is more interested in bonuses, a casino that offers the biggest bonuses would seem like the best to that player.

Can You Play Online Baccarat on Your Phone in West Virginia?

Numerous reputable brick-and-mortar and online casinos provide a mobile app for their gambling platform. These apps function similarly to how their respective online casino websites operate. To begin playing baccarat, simply sign up and specify a payment method

How Many Online Casinos Are in West Virginia?

There are seven legal online casinos available in West Virginia. These include:

  • DraftKings
  • Caesars
  • PointsBet
  • BetMGM
  • BetRivers
  • FanDuel
  • Golden Nugget

What Are the Different Online Baccarat Variants?

The game of baccarat was developed in medieval Italy. Several versions appeared as the game increasingly attracted interest on a global scale. Games like Punto Banco and Chemin de Fer survived, even though some of these varieties weren't captivating enough to keep gamblers' attention. Some common variants include.

Mini Baccarat

The most well-known version of this game is mini baccarat. There is no opportunity for players to back in this game because the dealer controls all the action.

As the name “mini” suggests, only seven players are allowed at the small table where this game is played.

The game is also quick to play due to the compact table and the dealer's control of everything. Up to 200 hands may occasionally be played in 1 hour at mini-baccarat tables.

Mini baccarat is popular among gamblers since it is straightforward and has quick play. Besides choosing outcomes and placing bets, players are not required to do anything.

Three-Card Baccarat

This version uses a single 52-card deck. In this game, the dealer and the players are given three cards to begin each round.

Similar to the regular baccarat, the scoring guidelines stipulate that the value of face cards is zero and that all other cards are worth their respective numerical values.

But unlike the regular version where a score of 9 is the best hand, in three-card baccarat, a hand with three face cards is the highest value. In the event of a tie between the player and banker, the hand with more face cards is the winning hand.

Baccarat Banque

Similar to Chemin de Fer, Baccarat Banque utilizes three decks, and you have the choice to represent the bank in both games.

In contrast to Chemin de Fer, the player playing as the banker usually does not cover other players’ bets or play against them. They must stake their money on the banker side prevailing. Other players typically just wager on the player's side.

The player can also take on the banker by placing a counter bet. If the player triumphs, they represent the bank in the following round.

Chemin de Fer

Another baccarat variant that allows you to play as the bank is called Chemin de Fer. If you choose to play the banker when given the chance, you will compete against other players. Up to 14 players can sit at the huge table where Chemin de Fer is played.

Punto Banco

This variant of baccarat is quite similar to mini baccarat. In this game, players do nothing except place wagers while the dealer handles everything.

Punto banco has three dealers, which is the primary distinction between it and mini-baccarat. Comparatively, the smaller version just has one dealer.

When playing punto banco online, you don't have to be concerned about the different number of dealers. The software does all dealing and wager management.

What is the Best Baccarat Variant?

This is entirely up to you to decide. However, in terms of popularity, mini baccarat dominates gaming tables from Macau to Las Vegas.

Baccarat was predominantly played by high rollers before the introduction of the mini version. To play the games in the VIP rooms, gamblers had to wager at least $100.

But mini baccarat altered everything. Low stakes are offered, and it's accessible across the entire gaming floor, not just within high roller zones.

The small minimum wagers on mini tables are well-liked by gamblers, and many casinos allow players to wager $5 per hand.

This is not to suggest that you completely disregard the other variants discussed here. However, the mini version of baccarat is unquestionably a version, to begin with, if you're searching for a solid starting point.

How to Play Baccarat Online

Online baccarat remains a game of luck that has enthralled crowds for decades. It has straightforward gameplay and requires no skill. Baccarat gained popularity after being portrayed as James Bond's preferred table game in Ian Flemming's books. It is now one of the most popular games at brick-and-mortar and online casinos.

When learning how to play baccarat, it's important to remember that face cards and tens have no point value, while the aces through nines retain their numerical value.

The dealer will deal two cards to the banker and two cards to the player in each round of play. The game's object is to place a wager on the hand closest to nine total points.

What is Considered a Winning Hand in Baccarat?

In Baccarat, the hand closest to 9 is the winning hand.

The value of the cards used in the game are listed below:

  • Ace=1
  • 2 through 9 retain their numerical values
  • 10=0
  • Jack=0
  • Queen=0
  • King=0

How Are Points Calculated in Baccarat?

In baccarat, If the total points exceed the value of 9 ( e.g. 6+6=12), the first number is erased, leaving a total value of 2 in this scenario, for instance. Using this rule, 10=0,11=1, 12=2, and so on.

What are the Rules to Play Baccarat Online?

It is customary for a baccarat table to have 14 seats, numbered from 1 to 15, with seat 13 being purposefully left off due to superstition. Online baccarat is typically played with a deck of six or eight cards, and the term is rumored to have originated from the Italian word "baccara," which translates to "zero," in reference to the exciting game's use of face cards and tens that have no card value.


A bet is made by a player to start the game. There are only three bets possible: "player", "banker" and"tie".


Two cards will be dealt to the player's side and two to the banker's side by the dealer. Based simply on the results of the first 4 cards dealt, further cards will be dealt. The objective of this game is to obtain the hand with the closest possible total of 9. In fact, the "natural" winner in a deal where just the first two cards are used is an 8 or 9, dealt to either side. If either team receives an eight or a nine, the result is a tie.

Player's Rules

The player always receives one more card if dealt a hand of 0–5. The player stands if they receive a 6 or 7. A winning number is 8 or 9.

Dealer's Rules

This side of the game is a little more intricate. Ultimately, the dealer's side takes one of six possible actions depending on what the player has done.

You’ll want to bear in mind a few more online baccarat guidelines before you start playing.

  • When either the banker or a player is dealt an eight or a nine, both hands are considered to be ties.
  • A player may choose to stand or ask for a third card if his or her hand totals five points or fewer.
  • The banker must hit on total points of five or fewer if the player elects to stand.
  • Generally speaking, banker and player hands pay 1:1, however, if you opt to gamble on the tie and win, you may anticipate an 8:1 payout. To assist you in keeping track of your gameplay, a variety of internet resources are also available.