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West Virginia Online Poker

Online poker is a hugely popular online casino game. It's a game of skill, strategy and chance, and can be very exciting and rewarding to play. There are different online poker rooms to choose from, and each offers its own unique features and benefits.

To find the best online poker room for you, it's important to do some research and compare the different options. When you're ready to start playing online poker, be sure to set yourself a budget and stick to it.

Poker can be a very addictive game, so it's important to stay in control of your finances. Also, remember to have fun.

Yes. Online Poker is legal in West Virginia. The West Virginia Lottery Interactive Wagering Act (H-2934) passed in 2019 makes it legal to engage in most types of online gambling.

According to the law, players must be at least 21 years old to gamble in West Virginia. Also, gamers must be within state borders to play.

Who Regulates Online Poker Sites in West Virginia?

The West Virginia Lottery Commission regulates and governs all Poker activity in the state. The commission is responsible for ensuring that online Poker sites operate fairly and responsibly, and that they conduct all affairs in compliance with the West Virginia Wagering Act.

How Do I Find a Safe West Virginia Poker Site?

Players looking for a safe site to play Poker in West Virginia must restrict their options to sites licensed and regulated by the West Virginia Lottery Commission. The commission ensures that all Poker sites' operations and customer deposits are safe.

You can also take this a step further by finding Poker sites with third-party verification. Some sites may have their operations audited by unrelated third parties to prove their transparency. A combination of government regulation and third-party verification may be a sign that an online Poker site is safe.

In addition to regulation and external audits, you can do a simple online search for reviews. It is fairly easy to find reviews or opinions of past or existing players at the site you’re considering. Players should take some time to carefully go through these reviews to find sites with more positive reviews than negative comments. Although any one site may have a few disgruntled customers, recurring complaints is a bad sign.

Some of the best casinos have a public face and are usually very open about their operations. The names and faces behind safe West Virginia Poker sites usually have little to no dents in their public image. If a casino has a team with one or more dubious members, the site’s safety may be questionable.

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Getting Started | How to Play Poker

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What is a Poker Loyalty Program?

Poker sites use a Poker loyalty program to reward continuous patronage. Sites also use these programs to retain players, encourage regular gameplay, and attract deposits. Casinos measure loyalty by the number of games played and the amount of money spent.

In most cases, players are grouped into a point-based tier system. A player may earn a point for every $20 or $25 spent, and may need to rack up a few hundred points before moving from one tier to another.

What are Poker Bonuses and Rewards?

Poker bonuses and rewards are perks Poker sites give to their loyal customers. Since these sites measure loyalty by factors like time and money spent, players with large bankrolls easily qualify for loyalty or VIP programs and enjoy great rewards.

Loyalty programs offer perks like cash back, bonus cash, faster withdrawals, reduced or removed deposit and withdrawal fees, unlimited withdrawals, and exclusive access to certain events or tournaments. Some tournaments with large jackpots are only available to players in a specific tier of the site's loyalty program.

Poker sites may also give new customers several kinds of welcome bonuses. Some sites may offer no-deposit bonuses that players are entitled to simply by completing the registration process and verifying their accounts. There is also the first-deposit bonus that matches a new user's first deposit by 100% up to a specified maximum.

Can Online Poker Possibly Be Safe?

Online Poker is safe if you stick to sites licensed and regulated by the West Virginia Lottery Commission. You can also rest assured that the online poker site is safe if, in addition to an active license, the site has good reviews and delivers on promises. Sites that leave customers frustrated or otherwise dissatisfied are probably not safe and should be avoided.

Do I Have to Play For High Stakes Online in West Virginia?

It is not necessary or compulsory to play Poker for high stakes. One of the benefits about playing online is that poker sites allow players with small bankrolls to play for small stakes and still enjoy the game.

This is an advantage somewhat exclusive to online Poker players because, in most cases, the minimum amount required to play in a live casino is usually much higher. If you're uninterested in high stakes, you might find helpful information on our page that contains details of Poker sites that allow small deposits.

Can I Deposit Just a Small Amount at an Online Poker Room?

Yes. You can deposit small amounts at online poker rooms as long as you meet the room's minimum deposit amount. Note that an online poker site may have minimum amounts that differ by room or deposit method.

Sites usually enforce minimum amounts to accommodate the transaction fee required to pay the card issuer or third-party payment processor. Nevertheless, remember that the amount you wager directly informs your earnings.

Are Online Poker Deposit Bonuses Real Money?

Yes. Online poker deposit bonuses are redeemable for real money if you meet the site's requirements. Each player may make a deposit, wager a certain amount specified by the site, and keep the earnings or use them as desired. However, there are certain conditions you must satisfy for access. For instance, Poker sites may enforce a minimum playthrough requirement, essentially the number of times you must use a bonus amount before you can withdraw for real money.

Are the Games at Online Poker Rooms Rigged?

Licensed poker sites are fair and not rigged. To acquire a license, each casino must adhere to specific rules regarding operations and ensure that all aspects of gameplay are fair.

Licensed poker rooms know that severe penalties await any establishments that do not adhere to the rules. Also, the online poker space is a large multi-billion dollar industry with many different stakeholders, including investors, players, shareholders, and regulators. It's very unlikely that a licensed Poker room would risk its reputation and operating license for a few bucks.

How Do West Virginia Casinos Calculate the Rake?

A poker rake is a small commission a casino or card room takes for a poker game and uses to handle operating expenses. Casinos usually calculate the rake in different ways depending on the type of game.

For single games, the rake may vary depending on the applicable stake, and whether or not it is a fixed, pot, or no-limit game. In most cases, casinos take a small percentage of cash games as the rake. This commission usually ranges from 2.5% to 10%, up to a certain maximum. For instance, the poker rake may be $0.01 of every $0.20 in the pot, up to a maximum of $0.20.

Tournament poker games are usually a little different. The casino mainly sets a buy-in fee that each player must pay to join the tournament. For instance, if a poker room sets the buy-in at $10+$1, it takes $1 as the rake and adds $10 to the prize pool.

You should note that some casinos use a table charge or timed rake method. Poker rooms that use this method collect a particular amount from each player at set intervals, usually every half hour. In some cases, the room only collects a predetermined amount from the first pot that hits a specific total.

Is the Software of an Online Poker Site Safe?

Licensed poker sites are a safer option. Acquiring an operating license requires that poker sites offer players transparency and safety.

Poker sites also sometimes secure partnerships with reputable software companies and are quick to publicize these partnerships to assure player safety. To ensure security, only play at licensed Poker sites that use software from verified providers.

What Are the Stats I See in the Lobby?

The stats displayed in the lobby are filters that show important table information. Players can enable these filters online to choose what information they’d like to see during a game. Common stats include:

Average pot size (Avg pot)

The average pot size gives an idea of how much players are willing to add to the total pot. The higher the average pot size, the more money you are likely to win. Poker rooms calculate this by adding up all pots for the last few games and dividing the total by the number of games - usually the previous 20.

Players per flop (Plrs/flop)

This is the average number of players who see the flop round in the last couple of games, also usually the last 20.

Hands per hour (H/hr)

The total number of hands players completed in the past 60 minutes. This helps to determine table speed.

Average Stack Size (Avg stack)

The average amount of chips players have on the table, over the last few games.

Voluntarily Put in Pot (VPIP)

This statistic describes the frequency with which players willingly invest chips into the pot whenever they can. It tells how loose or tight a player is, using hands played before the flop.

Waiting list

A list of people waiting to join a game as spots become vacant.

Is My Money Safe if I Deposit It on a Poker Site?

Your money is safe if the Poker site has a valid operating license. However, the license shouldn’t be the only factor to consider. You should confirm that the site has additional security measures put in place to prevent security breaches.

What Are VIP Programs?

A VIP program (or high roller program) is a casino’s way of rewarding customers it considers the most valuable and loyal. These rewards come in the form of bonuses, gifts, free spins, and several other perks.

Casinos typically group customers into multiple tiers depending on how much time they’ve spent playing and how the total amount of money wagered. The different tiers have unique perks for members of the level, each one more attractive than the previous. VIP programs are also sometimes called high roller programs.

What Are the Main Differences Between Online and Live Poker?

Online and live Poker are the same game with the same rules and gameplay. People already used to playing one type of Poker would have no problem fitting right in with the other. Regardless, there are a few differences that make some players prefer one over the other. Interestingly, some stories say players who have become pros playing one type sometimes struggle with the other. The following are a few factors that may make all the difference:

1. Game Speed

The pace of the game is a major factor that sets both types apart. Online Poker is considerably faster than live Poker, which could make gameplay difficult for Land Poker pros. On the average live cash game, players can expect to see between 30 and 40 hands an hour. Online players are used to seeing larger numbers, usually more than 60 hands per hour. There's also the social factor to playing at live casinos for players looking to mingle. While this is a good point for live Poker, it considerably reduces game speed.

2. Bad Beats

A bad beat is a hand with a strong card that still loses. Because of online game speed, you'd likely have more bad beats than you would at live games. This is even more likely at online lower or micro-limit games with many players because of the small stakes.

3. Different Stakes

Another difference is that the stakes that apply to online Poker are different from what you'd find on live Poker. On average, an online game usually has players more skilled than live players because live stakes are usually higher. This means that you're more likely to earn more online.

4. Bet Size

Live Poker games have larger bet sizes. You're likely to find players betting up to 6x the big blind on live Poker games instead of the usual 2x or 3x in many online rooms.

5. Poker Tells

Since you cannot see your opponents when playing online, it is impossible to read their body language and behavior. Live Poker makes this easy if you know what to look out for. Players without a lot of experience tend to behave a certain way when they have a strong or weak hand. For instance, some players may be more talkative when holding a strong hand and become a bit reserved otherwise.

Can I Play At More Than One Poker Site?

Yes. Anyone can play Poker on more than one site at the same time. There are several advantages to running multiple games on different sites. However, players taking this option must also note that there are several disadvantages.


Multiple Bonuses

Simultaneously playing on more than one site can help you get the best of bonuses. You can get each site’s welcome and referral bonuses, as well as any periodic perks the site introduces along the way. Bonuses help players get started or progress through games without a large bankroll.

More Action

Playing at multiple sites almost always guarantees that you have a seat at a table. This makes it easy to enter tournaments, especially if you find that multiple sites are running simultaneous tournaments. If you stick to one site, you might find it difficult to enter these tournaments and lose the chance to play for large prize pools.

More Variants

Exposure to multiple Poker variants is easily done by playing on multiple sites. Most sites offer players popular variants like Texas Hold'em and Omaha. If you're bored of these ones, you could find other sites that offer relatively unknown variants like High Chicago, Low Chicago, and Stud Horse Poker


Large Bankroll

Although you get to enjoy a few bonuses, playing Poker at multiple sites requires a large bankroll. Even if you use the minimum each site allows, you still have to deposit and wager that minimum multiple times, depending on the number of sites you want to play.

Multiple Strategies

Instead of focusing one strategy on one game, you'd have to use multiple strategies at the different tables. Since gameplay may vary between sites, one strategy may be very successful on one site and terrible on another.

Software Problems

Simultaneously running multiple Poker clients may strain your device. Both software may not work well together, causing glitches and delays that can cost you time, money, or both.

Will Poker Sites Let Me Cash Out When I Win?

Poker sites will let you cash out any time you want. Generally, players play between themselves instead of against the house, unlike most other casino games. Since the outcome of a hand has no connection to the house, anyone can cash out whenever they'd like.

However, you should note that some players believe it is poor etiquette to cash out immediately after hitting a big pot. Although many people don't care, see if it's something considered important in the room where you're playing.

Do I have to Download Software to Play Poker Online?

This depends on the Poker site you decide to pitch your tent. While some sites may require that you download an app or program on your laptop or mobile device, others let you play online from your browser. However, you could find a few sites that allow both.

Note that in most cases, sites design their apps and programs for better gameplay than may be available online.

Can I Play Online Poker With a Mac, My Phone, or Tablet?

Poker sites usually build separate apps for different operating systems, especially Android, Mac, and Windows. You can play Poker with a Mac, tablet, or phone by downloading the correct app for your device's operating system. If your device has no supported app, in-browser gaming might be an option.

Do I Have to Use a Credit Card to Play Online Poker in West Virginia?

For most WV poker platforms, using a credit card is not compulsory. Although many Poker sites accept credit cards, there are usually a few other options for players who would rather keep card details offline.

For instance, you could use an e-wallet like PayPal to make deposits and withdrawals to and from your casino account. Since many people already have PayPal accounts and trust the platform's security, many sites ensure to add support for this e-wallet.

Skrill is another very popular option. Originally founded in the UK as Moneybookers, Skrill initially focused on Europe but has now aggressively expanded into American markets. Anyone with funds in their Skrill account can use them on a supported Poker site. Whether Skrill or Paypal, you can be sure that your account details and funds are safe and inaccessible to other players in the room.